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Discover the ultimate bean bag comfort with Boutique Bean Bags! Our innovative designs will transform any outdoor or indoor space for the better. Our range of bean bags are crafted with waterproof and UV stabilised fabrics, making them perfect for lounging by the pool or chilling in the shade. From stylish shapes to vibrant colours, you can rest easy knowing you've got the best friend for your rear end and can enjoy the comfort for years to come!

Water Lounger Blue Floating Pool Bean Bag

Introducing our new range of water bean bags

Water Chairs and Water Loungers offer an innovative experience for your relaxation needs! provide superior comfort and support, allowing you to kick back, relax and truly enjoy your time! Try them now and feel the unparalleled cushioning effect of water, and the blissful comfort that comes with it!

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    Wanting to try out our bean bags at our next market? You'll find a list of events we will be attending in the events section in our menu. We also regularly update via our socials where and when our markets will be. Due to the ever changing nature of markets our socials are the best way to keep you updated. So please follow us on the links below for our most recent updates. Feel free to give us a call or email us and we will happily let you know where you can find us.

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How to test out our range of outdoor bean bags!

Are you looking for a bean bag that will perfectly fit your space? We make it easy with our one-on-one appointments! Contact us via phone, email, or social media to book an appointment and let us show you our range and find the perfect bean bag for you. Let us help make your space extra special!

Keep in mind that our stockists can provide you with our outdoor & pool bean bags to! You'll find more details about them and their location here- Find your local bean bag provider!

We pride ourselves on both product quality & customer service, if you have any questions please call us on 0422 702 412 or email us at sales@boutiquebeanbags.com.au

  • Filling Instructions

    Filling bean bags can be tricky. We have you covered with the easiest way to get the beans where they should be, not where they shouldn't!!

    Filling Instructions 
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    Wanting to test out our bean bags in person? Head into one of our stockists where you will find inside a range of bean bags from our line up in store.

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  • Cleaning/Care Instructions

    Has your bean bag started to look a bit dirty and needs some attention? Find out our recommended way of cleaning and caring for your bean bag.

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    Find all the details about our warranty in here!!

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  • About Us

    We are an Australian owned & operated company providing a Designer Bean Bag range.We are a small business retailer and currently under new management as of Sept 2019. 

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