Collection: Gaming Bean Bag - Gamer

Our Gamer bean bag is one we've created for those who like to game in comfort with handy large pockets at your fingertips. 

Made of high quality UV stabilised & waterproof polyester, it's single pleat curving seat and high backrest it puts you in the perfect upright position with full head support.

Make your controller and head phones easily accessible by using the inbuilt pockets and headphone loop. 

Food and drink spills are easily fixed with the waterproof fabric, liquids can be simply wiped off.
If you need portable seating for when friends come to play and then be able to store it away when not needed, then this new style is what your after.

Includes: 1 x Headphone Velcro loop on left side
                1 x Double pocket on right side with internal centre Velcro, which once opened the whole pocket becomes one.